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Software for automation of taxi dispatch services. Increases profits from taxi services several times! Today, one of the best solutions on the market. The complex is developed based on the needs of the taxi business market, includes a huge number of modules able to simplify and automate as much as possible all the working processes of the taxi service. Our company has a wide experience in the field of automation of taxi dispatch services, and is ready to apply it for the benefit and development of your business!


The program is extremely easy to use.

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Technical support is available 24/7.


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The best solution to the functional, stability and pricing.


The program has a quick payback.


Our team has vast experience in the automation of taxi services.

Features of the software package

Drivers work on all mobile platforms "GPS" navigators, JAVA, ANDROID, iOS

24/7 technical support

Transfer (exchange) orders with other taxi stations automatically.

High speed of order processing.

Distribution of orders by auto classes, by type of tariffication, etc.

Bonuses for passengers, by automatic replenishment of mobile account.

Calculation of the route and fare on maps: Google, Yandex, OpenStreetMap, Visicom, CityGuide, Waze ...

Automatic GPS taximeter for drivers (navigation to the address)

Automated VoIP telephony (callback, autoinfo, IVR, recording of conversations)

Automatic SMS and voice alerts to customers + bulk mailings

Flexible setting of tariffs in certain areas of the city.

GPS monitoring of taxi cars.

Possibility to order a car without a dispatcher.

Multicity. Different cities in the same control room.

SOS button for drivers.

Create any additional objects on the city map.

System of blocking and penalties.

Automatic assignment of the nearest car to the address.

Extended accounting for own cars in a taxi.

Individual and flexible calculations with drivers and customers.

Creating sectors on a city map.

Work with payment systems.

Loyalty program

Flexible work queue system.

Advantages of the taxi program

  • Automated receipt of orders
  • Calculating the cost of the trip immediately when making an order. (taking into account the road junction)
  • Telephone calls through headphones (headset) in the workplace.
  • Coloring orders
  • Monitoring drivers on the city map in real time.
  • Execution statuses
  • Quick navigation in the program
  • Use of "hot" keys.
  • Convenient conducting of orders.
  • There is no need to separate dispatchers and telephonists.
  • Flexible registration system for drivers.
  • No need to manually notify customers.
  • Ability to write free messages to drivers.
  • No need to remember customer numbers.
  • Automatic address binding by phone number.
  • Customer statuses (black list)
  • Effective multi-user work.
  • Opportunity (sell) to exchange orders with other services.
  • From the dispatcher it is required only to answer the call and form the order, the remaining actions are performed automatically
  • A convenient mechanism for receiving and processing orders.
  • Ability to work on any mobile platform.
  • Savings on communication.
  • Lack of purchase of expensive equipment.
  • Use the GPS taximeter to calculate the cost of the trip.
  • Use accurate navigation to find addresses.
  • Monitoring and accounting of orders made by him.
  • Accounting for your finances.
  • SOS button.
  • Personal multimedia in the car.
  • Possibility of additional earnings on audio and video advertising from the program.
  • Ability to respond to the message dispatchers.
  • The possibility of sharing a free mobile radio "Zello".
  • The ability of the device to make a WIFI access point for passengers.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface (DAY / NIGHT mode)
  • The ability to monitor your status in the queue.
  • Accounting for drivers.
  • Transparent statistics, accounting.
  • Setting rights for dispatchers.
  • Monitoring drivers on the city map in real time.
  • Display of tracks by drivers on the city map (by what routes the order was made)
  • Control of  the order fulfillment process.
  • Listening to telephone conversations (by recording and in real time)
  • Flexible tariff settings.
  • Reporting on drivers and orders.
  • Reporting on finance, cash.
  • Customer reporting (growth chart)
  • Maintaining the customer base (accessing the phone number database)
  • Change the logic of the program at any stage of the work
  • Change the work of the queue, systems of discounts, rewards, sectors, mutual settlements and so on. at any stage of the work without contacting the technical support team.
  • Creating additional objects on the city map.
  • Accounting for shifts of dispatchers.
  • Full accounting of private cars (the amount of fuel in tanks)
  • Keep complete records from your personal PC without interfering with the work of the dispatchers.
  • Possibility of additional earnings on audio and video advertising and fuel from the program for drivers.

Your benefits

Increase in company profits

AISTaxi program for taxi stations - makes receiving orders as simple and fast as possible. When calling a dispatching system, the system automatically detects all information about the client and the history of his trips. The taxi dispatcher program automatically assigns the nearest car to the order and calculates the cost of the trip. The system informs the client about the status of the execution of his order by voice or by SMS. Elimination of the influence of the human factor and increasing the loyalty of drivers. In such cases, the dispatcher just need to take the order, the rest will be done by automation. Processing more orders, you get more profit.

Increasing the efficiency of the work

Thanks to the complete automation of your taxi service processes, the system significantly reduces the need for more dispatchers and operators. Now fewer employees are required to process more orders. Ordering a taxi from your website or from a personal branded client application (Android, iOS), viber bot, interactive menu in telephony and other order sources, can make the taxi service work completely autonomous without a dispatcher.

The expansion of the customer base

An enhanced bonus system will allow you to charge customers points for travel and invite friends who can pay for travel or accumulate a discount. Fast delivery of the car, monitoring and listening to the recordings of telephone conversations, monitoring the route of your customers' trips through GPS tracks on the map, these and many other functionalities of the software complex for softlogic taxi will provide an increase in the number of your regular customers.

Increasing the loyalty of drivers

The AISTaxi loyalty program will motivate drivers to fulfill more orders with the fastest car delivery and earn for this rating points. The rating system for drivers will allow you to get a number of privileges, for example in a queue or auto destination. For what to charge rating points to the driver, the manager can solve and adjust independently in the dispatching program, for example for attraction of new drivers or clients, fast giving of the car, work in an hour-peak, bad weather or a holiday. Also, in cases of a false order, the system can write off bonuses from a customer who has not left and will credit to the driver's account.

The possibility of combining several taxi services into one

With the AISTaxi program, you can combine several taxi services with different cities, drivers, tariffs and features into one dispatch program at one workplace, server and call center. In this case, the system will automatically open the order creation window for the city from which the incoming call came in. The ability to create a single automated reception and processing service will result in significant savings in staff and equipment and will make it as easy as possible to monitor the quality of services provided in different cities.

Increase customer loyalty

Customers no longer need to call back in a taxi to clarify the time of arrival of the car. The system will notify you of the status of the execution of his order and will accurately notify the time of arrival. Passengers keeping up with the times will appreciate your branded client mobile taxi order application for Android and iOS which is available for download in PlayMarket and AppStore. The mobile client application will allow you to accurately see on the map the location of the car, the status of the order, accumulate bonuses and also allow cashless payment for travel. Own mobile application is an integral part of the modern taxi service.

Easy operation with the program

Working with the program turns into a simple process. All interfaces of the program complex are designed specifically to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Learning to work with the program does not require special skills and will not be difficult to master by your dispatchers.

Real feedback from our partners

Александр Сергеевич

Россия, Озерск

В общем программа вполне достойная. Нравится мобильное приложение для клиентов. Так же есть и хорошие и отрицательные отзывы о программе для водителей. Конечно оперативность техподдержки вполне достойна. Хотелось бы ,что бы наши пожелания выполнялись по быстрее, но понимаем занятость...

Глебова Наталья Александровна

Мелитополь, Керч

Уж очень хочется рассказать… Когда только началось новое веяние по работе такси на планшетах, в нашем небольшом городе мы решили сделать этот шаг первыми. Я работаю директором такси уже больше 10 лет, и не понаслышке знаю, что все новое в штыки воспринимается диспетчерами и водителями всегда, но прекрасно работает на клиента...

Алина Дмитровна

Херсон "Такси Лидер"

Всем добрый день. Мы уже 4 года работам на ПО фирмы SoftLogic. Программа удобна,работаем стабильно.Техпо ддержка вполне устраивает наши требования.В программе учтены почти все требования г.Херсона так как работа в этом городе своеобразная.Во дительское приложение работает отлично водители оставляют только приятные отзывы о программе...


Адрес неизвестнен

Мы перепробовали кучу программ, работали на десайде, работали на евос такси навигатор, радио такси работали даже на ЕСТ впечатления ужасные, все очень дорого, платиш практически за каждый шаг в программе (биржа платно, заказы платно,обновлен ие платно все платно, чуть просрочиш с расчетом блокируют без предупреждения)...

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