About Company

About CompanyAISTaxi - company developer of dispatch software for taxi services.

We are developers of high-quality solutions for your business, able to automate all intensive processes, increase work speed, improve service, create convenience and comfort for your staff.

We provide a full range of services to the successful work and development of your taxi service.

Our software AISTaxi gives you the following:

  • Multifunctional and convenient dispatch program with the possibility of GPS monitoring of your drivers. Advanced reporting and accounting module.
  • Easy and functional mobile application for drivers to work on any mobile device.
  • VoIP telephony with the ability to automatic customer notification, the service of an interactive voice menu. Use our product you can make and receive calls directly from the dispatch program.
  • Mobile application for your clients automatically determine their location and allows to order a taxi without calling the service. The application also allows to the clients to track the taxi they ordered.

We value of good relations with people, therefore we create high-quality, popular and accessible systems for people.