VoIP telephony for taxi

VoIP telephony for taxi

VoIP TelephonyAutomated VoIP SIP telephony for taxi services (Call Center).

Our company has developed an ideal solution for automating call processing for taxi dispatching services. Our product maintains all ways of integration of telephone lines by IP telephony.
VoIP telephony allows to create a full-fledged call center that will provide the following: quick and high-quality reception and processing of call, line hold on, customer identification, automatic notification of the customer by voice about the arrival of the car (the system calls the color, brand, model, license plate and time of arrival of the car).

Increasing the productivity of the taxi dispatch service:

The telephony control center is a VoIP server. It allows to manage calls logic and provides additional features such as: callback, auto-notification of customer, IVR interactive menu, conversation recording, blacklist, full report and statistics, real-time listening, call analytics and much more.

Save on communication up to 60% monthly due to automatic selection of optimal communication channels.

VoIP SIP Telephony