Dispatch program taxi

Dispatch program for taxi business.


Dispatch program taxiMultifunctional dispatch program for taxi service  that includes all necessary for taxi business (operators, report drivers by phone, accounting, funds reception, bonus and prize trips, etc.) Possibility to exchange orders with other taxi services (exchanger), support for hot keys, convenience and ease of use for dispatchers taxi service. The ability to combine different cities and services into one dispatch program, on the same equipment.

- The main interface of the dispatch program
- Order exchange with other taxi services
- Work with phone calls
- The window for orders receiving and creating
- GPS monitoring of taxi drivers
- Record of GPS tracks and routes display
- Driver Card
- Setting up the software complex
- Accounting and reports

The main interface of the dispatch program:

Controls location as well as the design of the dispatch program were designed for the simplest and most convenient work of the dispatcher.

The program has a flexible and easily customizable interface for displaying queues and sectors. This allows you to customize the program for personal convenience.

Dispatch program taxi

The main interface of the program is divided for two working areas (for the convenience of working with orders).

In the main area “New jobs” displays orders that are on the air and are waiting to be taken by the driver, or for which are searching for a car by sector or closest to the address (depending on your settings). Also in the area “New jobs” received orders that come from the exchanger, online orders from the site or orders from the taxi application.

Below is the order window, cars that have already arrived at the place and are waiting for the client. The status of automatic notification of the client about the arrival of the car behind them displays in the additional window, this allows to the dispatcher to monitor the execution of the order at any stage of its processing.

Informative color designation of orders provides to the dispatcher operational information about the status of the order. The color designation of driver calls in the queue list or by sector displays the activity and status of the driver.

In the tab “Pending jobs” displays orders that are in progress.

In the tabs “Completed jobs” and “Cancelled jobs” information about orders executed and not executed display to the dispatcher. Also you can use a filter to display any information about any order (time period, call sign, dispatcher, cost of the trip, customer number and even a track with the route along which the order was executed).

Order exchange with other taxi services:

The dispatch program for taxi allows you to sell or buy orders from other taxi services in automatic mode. To do this, just enter the data of another taxi service in the settings. The software complex has the ability of automatic radial driver assignments to order among all the taxi service partners.

Work with phone calls:

At the bottom part of the dispatch program built-in softphone located (SIP telephony). So the operator or the dispatcher receives and makes calls directly from the computer through the headset.

The built-in softphone has an unlimited number of virtual lines, they can be attached to active orders in the hold mode, that greatly facilitates the work of the dispatcher when working in a heavy load.

The softphone also provides the following buttons: hold the call, record the current conversation, transfer the call to another dispatcher, and quickly connect with the client or driver.

Dispatch program taxi

The window for orders receiving and creating:

The dispatcher immediately sees the statistics and information about the caller when answering a call (frequently called addresses, the number of completed orders, the name of the client, the number of the discount card, the number of accumulated bonus trips as well as the rating of the calling client).

The dispatcher can specify in the window of order formation:

  • Trip type.
  • Сharging type.
  • Billing method for client: cashless or cash, fixed price or by taximeter.
  • Specify the required car.
  • Specify the number of cars.
  • Add notes to the order.
  • Add information about the calling client.
  • Change or select a sector.

To create an order, the dispatcher just needs to start entering the first letters of the address and the program automatically suggests the desired address from the list. After entering the address the program automatically determines which sector on the map the given address belongs to, and assigns an order for execution according to the logic of the queue.

If the dispatcher enters the serve address and the destination address the program automatically calculates the trip route and displays the cost of the selected type of charging, that allows to the dispatcher to announce the cost of travel to the client in advance.

Dispatch program taxi

GPS monitoring of taxi drivers:

The transfer of GPS coordinates from the driver’s application to the dispatch program allows to the dispatcher to monitor constantly the movement of taxi cars on a city map.

It is very important for taxi dispatching service to monitor and see the locations and employment status of cars. The program has an “alarm” button for the driver, if a dangerous situation arises for the driver or client, the dispatcher will be able to track the car and send help to the right address.

Dispatch program taxi

Record of GPS tracks and routes display:

For improvement of customer service quality, dispatch service can control route along which the order is executed. Continuous recording of location data allows to view the route of movement for any period of time. This provides the necessary control of cars and provides additional security for the driver and client.

This function is especially useful for taxi station or taxi service with their own cars.

Dispatch program taxi

Driver Card:

The window “driver profile” contains all the necessary fields for filling. The dispatcher can indicate to the driver certain types of mutual settlements and billing, as well as indicate the priority and the displayed types of orders. The driver card provides for: blocking drivers, filling in dates, license terms, insurance terms and dates of birth. The program can automatically track dates and notify about events in advance.

Dispatch program taxi

Setting up the software complex:

One of our strengths is the fact that the software package has a very flexible configuration mechanism and this is updated constantly. Thereby you can customize work of all programs in the complex to any logic of work and to your wishes. The settings panel has the following sections in the current version:

  • Users - this section is intended to create and edit users in the program (dispatchers, operators, telephone operators, accountants, administrators and managers). Access rights to various sections and functions of the dispatch program are configured for each user.
  • Telephony - this section allows you to configure the connection of the VoIP SIP telephony server to the softphone in the program, as well as set up the headset and audio equipment.
  • Passanger Payments - this section provides flexible configuration of tariffing for various types and classes of cars: minimum mileage, minimum idle time, minimum order charge, cost of one kilometer and idle hour. Here is the possibility to set up markups/markdowns for certain areas on the map when they are crossed by drivers.
  • Driver payments - this section allows you to set up settlements between the driver and the taxi service. Here is the possibility to adjust the fixed cost of the order or percentage. The section has general settings for mutual settlements and individual for each driver.
  • Zones setup - this section contains a map where you can divide a city into sectors or zones where a queue of drivers will be formed.
  • Location settings (points) - this section allows you to create additional objects on the map that are not in the database of addresses: bars, restaurants, airports, stadiums, parks, railway. and auto stations, etc.
  • Main settings - this section allows you to customize the main aspects of the program: the city, the language of the interface, the type of cartography used and the tabs of displayed orders, etc.
  • Driver App - this section is responsible for setting of mobile applications for the driver: displaying jobs, setting of a taximeter, buttons in the program, etc.
  • Discounts / Prizes / Bonuses - section provides the setting of the mechanism of various bonus and discount programs for the client.
  • Automation Settings - this section allows you to configure the logic and conditions of the queue, autoinforming SIP telephony and automation.
  • Exchange Settings - this section allows you to customize the exchange of jobs with other taxi services.
  • Passenger App - section is responsible for setting of your client application.
  • Payment Settings - setting for cashless payments via VISA/MC.
Dispatch program taxi

Accounting and reports:

Dispatch program has a lot of necessary reports to manage and control taxi services. Accounting module allows to keep track of all finances of the company. Statistics can be viewed for each driver or employee of the service for any period.

Dispatch program taxi