Driver’s App

Application for taxi driver.

Mobile applications for taxi drivers for all types of devices:

Driver's AppThe mobile application communicates between the driver and the dispatch service, through data transmission via the Internet (GPRS / 3G / LTE). It is a convenient mechanism for the driver to work. The application for the taxi driver can be installed on any mobile device.

Drivers application for mobile devices running on Android or iOS that allows to a taxi driver to receive and carry out an order from his taxi service, as well as to calculate the cost of a trip and always be in touch with the dispatch room, customer and other drivers. The application works exclusively in conjunction with the software AISTaxi, use of which to relieves rations from the taxi service, speeds up order processing and fully automates all business processes of taxi services.

The program keeps a constant connection between driver and dispatch. There is no need for additional radios or phones to work.
The client part of the complex gives practically unlimited possibilities for application development both graphically and functionally. The basic control buttons are as simple as possible, so the taxi driver to understand the program will not make any difficulty.

The program for the driver has the ability to flexibly adjust from the side of dispatch, that allows the program to be configured to any requirements of the taxi dispatching service.

Functionality Select your sector on the map SOS Button Intuitive UI/UX

Navigation to address Day/Night mode Order processing Communication with the dispatcher

Payment statistics GPS taximeter Pause mode Route planning

The built-in GPS taximeter in the program provides an opportunity to display: mileage, idle time, a discount, to deduce the final sum for a trip. A GPS taximeter enhances customer confidence in the dispatch service, because a convenient tool for monitoring the cost of travel is provided to the client.

Tariffs of taximeter are setin in dispatching department. The number of customized tariff plans are unlimited. The dispatcher chooses the tariff plan when forming the order and the tariff plan is transmitted to the GPS taximeter. The driver can not change the tariff plan on his own. The total sum of the taximeter is transferred to the dispatch room after closing the order. This allows to control the cost of customers and earnings of drivers. Also, the GPS taximeter can calculate discount, fixed or in percentage. This allows the taxi service to provide an extensive and convenient service of the discount program to the client.

The driver application is installed and updated via Play Market.

Driver Features:

– transfer of orders to the driver from the control room
– registration of the queue at parking
– automatic registration and removal from the shift
– calculating the cost of travel by GPS taximeter
– messaging with dispatchers
– reception and transmission of coordinates to the driver for navigation
– going to shift and end of work
– view orders on the air
– work with pre-orders
– day / night mode
– automatic receipt of orders according to the queue at the parking lot or by distance to the client
– display orders on the air according to the selected radius
– laying a route to the client (navigation)
– navigation on Google maps, OSM, CityGuide, Yandex, Visicom …
– view the number of drivers and queues for parking
– taking a pause in work
– sending SOS signal
– view and control balance
– view rating in the taxi service
– work with bonuses (drivers motivation system)
And so on…